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Transition Lenses, Crizal Lenses, and More

There are many options when selecting the appropriate optical for your eyeglasses (optical frames). Traditional lenses as well as transition lenses come in many thicknesses, weights, tints, and viewing ranges. We carry dozens of brands of Progressive lenses (no-line bifocals) such as Varilux, Shamir, Zeiss, HOYA, and Seiko.

Progressive lens designs have advanced substantially during the last several years. New progressive lens designs have become available that feature a wider computer and reading corridor to allow for your increased computer and near point needs. At Blink Optometry Redondo Beach, our opticians will be attentive to your visual demands and select the appropriate lens design to enhance your visual comfort.

Transitions Lenses: The Future of Seeing, Today!

Transitions lenses offer photochromatic technology to become completely clear indoors and darker outdoors. Transitions lenses come in a variety of colors and designs to be reactive in bright sun, partial sun, and indirect light—such as light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces. Transitions lenses are an excellent choice for all ages. Additional features include:
  • Turns clear indoors
  • Fast sunglasses tint to clear fade back speed
  • 100% of UVA & UVB ray blockage
  • Available in any prescription and lens design
Unlike ordinary lenses that remain static in tint, the Transitions lens adjusts in tint to the light conditions you are in. If you are indoors or in a vehicle, Transitions lenses will remain clear. However, if you are outdoors and in sunlight, Transitions lenses will darken to protect your eyes. Eliminating the need for carrying two different glasses with you in the form of one convenient lens, Transitions lenses are comfortable to use and are available for every eyeglass prescription.

Crizal: Versatility at its Best


At night, your color recognition, peripheral vision, and depth perception are all decreased and antiglare (antireflective) lenses are essential for maximizing vision. Crizal Antiglare lenses allow for safer night driving.

The Importance of Daily UV Protection

Your eyes need protection from harmful UV light rays. Daily UV exposure, even on overcast days, may cause irreversible vision damage and advance the progression of serious eye diseases including cataracts, pterygium, and macular degeneration. Our office will make sure your lenses offer the latest in UV protection.