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We understand what it is like to depend on a pair of glasses for seeing throughout the day. Although eyeglasses are reliable, they can become subject to breaking, coming loose, or needing adjustments. Recognizing that your glasses are an extension of you and are necessary for you to interact safely and confidently with the world, we are proud to offer glasses repair and adjustments. Many times this service is done at no charge, but sometimes a minimal fee is charged for the replacement of nosepads or screws.

Our expert opticians are experienced in all aspects of frame and glasses repair, including glasses frame straightening, glass frame realignment, eye wire screw tightening, and more. In the unfortunate chance that your beloved glasses frame is not repairable in the office, we are able to send your frame out for soldering. If your frame is broken and you would like to reuse your lenses, we often can find a matching frame or we can resize your lenses and insert them into a new frame.

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